The New Logo Story


Giving the brand a polished look, the logo here is an icon combining the letters ‘p’ and ‘g’, and the wordmark using a slim serif typeface. The icon is balanced in the combination of the rigid and curved letterforms as well as the solid and lined pattern within parts of the letterforms.

The logo is to be used on all communications of Portomaso Gaming, both printed and digital.

Example, the logo variations

While the logo is primarily gold, the variations can be used appropriately depending on the background.

– LIGHT BACKGROUND use the gold or black logo brown_200x200
– DARK COLOURED BACKGROUND use the gold or black logo grey_200x200


Lumia Auto Roulette 

We are pleased to announce the release of our new game Lumia Auto Roulette.

Located on the Floor of Portomaso Casino, Lumia Auto Roulette, is an exciting and visually stunning on-line game based on the Casino classic. You do not often get across an Auto Wheel located on a Real Casino Floor, with Real Land based Players also able to play this wheel. This undoubtedly, gives your players the confidence and thrill only a real casino can offer. The ‘High Definition’ streaming backed up with a custom-built solution takes your players to an all new dimension of Real Live Casino experience.

This new game will be open 24/7 and will be available for both mobile and desktop.

Portomaso Gaming are proud to announce the release of Real Live Casino and Live Studio Casino on Mobile Devices. Live Casino Tables located in Portomaso and Oracle Casino, Punto Banco/Baccarat Streamed from Portomaso Casino and Studio Blackjack Tables, fully responsive on all mobile devices including iPhone and Android.

The Live Video is in Full Screen Mobile across all Devices including IOS Devices.


Punto Banco is considered a glamorous game, with high limits. The objective of the game is for you to choose which side, the Player or the Banker, will finish closest to nine when all cards have been drawn.

There’s several functions on the layout that allows the player to check the Statistics, Game History, Audio Settings, Help Button, Full screen Option, Tip, Repeat Bet, Clear Bet & +/- Button.

Oracle Live Punto Banco in supported in various languages and currencies with the possibility to customise the table limits and the chip denomination! Oracle Live Punto Banco is compatible on all on mobile devices.

Oracle Live Punto Banco can be offered in various jurisdictions including the United Kingdom and Italy.

Contact us for more information!

New Features on Real Casino Roulette

  • Auto-Play on all real live roulette tables
  • Save your favourite bets
  • Statistics Bar

New Features on Live Blackjack Studio – Side bets

  • Perfect Pairs
  • 21 + 3

Live roulette tournament May 2016

We are pleased to announce the Live Real Casino Roulette Winners!

Terms of Bonus are very simple, just play the bonus once and the winnings will be immediately withdrawable.

The bonus have to be consumed by the 30th of June 2016

Position Operator Nickname Wagering  Prize
1st Portomasolive Ripon €2,822,432 €2,000
2nd Pwin365 giuseppe1969 € 728,451 €1,000
3rd Pwin365 Daviflo90 €727,756 €400
4th Portomasolive Bingo €623,750 €200
5th Pwin365 fraremigio €564,320 €100
6th Portomasolive timmy king €495,924 €50
7th Pwin365 aissaking €417,073 €50
8th Pwin365 mirkosk €414,370 €50
9th Pwin365 walid1220 €310,417 €50
10th Pwin365 hakunamata €255,716 €50
11th Pwin365 tarek €226,276 €25
12th Eurosports24 santoscuto2 €211,082 €25
13th TotoWinBet michwkd €200,446 €25
14th TotoWinBet mimmo565 €188,761 €25
15th Pwin365 udalrico €175,523 €25
16th Starlotto pappalardo10 €161,048 €25
17th Pwin365 macchina1111 €152,531 €25
18th Pwin365 taypan7777 €143,404 €25
19th Starlotto ginos €143,177 €25
20th StanleyBet decimalegio €134,458 €25
21st LeoVegas Graybulge €130,622 €25
22nd Pwin365 cinzfort88 €127,522 €25
23rd Pwin365 clementear €124,985 €25
24th betn1 delfino70 €124,922 €25
25th Pwin365 artista75 €123,928 €25
26th StanleyBet patachetti €122,967 €25
27th Pwin365 INTERDONATOF €122,574 €25
28th Starlotto peppe2009 €122,096 €25
29th Pwin365 ANDREA23 €117,073 €25
30th StanleyBet gianlucaluce €110,973 €25
31st Pwin365 ffffffffffA. €108,189 €25
32nd Starlotto valer6961p €107,584 €25
33rd Starlotto Gae560 €101,885 €25
34th Pwin365 bipoker €96,387 €25
35th Pwin365 speciale €91,695 €25
36th Pwin365 aymeng €91,630 €25
37th Pwin365 angelo64 €90,439 €25
38th Pwin365 salvob €90,214 €25
39th Starlotto gaetanopiera €88,208 €25
40th Pwin365 matteo62222 €87,500 €25
41st StanleyBet damonbari €82,750 €25
42nd Pwin365 kimo007 €82,701 €25
43rd GiodaniSport ytdiytdkidix €81,413 €25
44th StanleyBet mat90 €80,216 €25
45th Pwin365 hamida imed €77,670 €25
46th Pwin365 pazzesco752 €74,905 €25
47th Sportgewin cbr69 €74,604 €25
48th Pwin365 Ezio €73,497 €25
49th Pwin365 centu €71,960 €25
50th Pwin365 imed,konjibl €71,677.50 €25

Portomaso Gaming has signed an exclusive agreement for the supply of Real Live Casino Games with Leo Vegas.

Portomaso Gaming will be supplying Real Casino Roulette Streamed Live from Portomaso Casino and Oracle Casino, based in Malta. All Games will be available on their main Website www.leovegas .com on both Desktop and Mobile.

Portomaso Gaming has signed an exclusive agreement for the supply of Real Live Casino Games, Live Studio Casino Games and Virtual Games with Stanley Bet.

Portomaso Gaming will be supplying:

  • Real Casino Roulettes Streamed Live from Portomaso Casino and Oracle Casino
  • Punto Banco/Bacarrat, Streamed Live from Portomaso Casino
  • Live Studio Blackjack, Streamed Live from Portomaso Casino Studio
  • Live Roulette, Streamed Live from Portomaso Casino Studio
  • A Range of Virtual Slot Games

All Games will be available on both Desktop and Mobile.



Portomaso Gaming Releases Fashion Roulette and Fashion Punto Banco

Portomaso Gaming, in collaboration with Bet Fashion TV VIP, are about to launch two brand new and exclusive Real Live Casino Tables, ‘Fashion Roulette’ and ‘Fashion Punto Banco’.

Both Games will be streamed live from the new and exclusive ‘Bet Fashion TV VIP Lounge’, within Portomaso Casino.

“These are very exciting times for us, at Portomaso Gaming. Both Fashion Tables will help us expand and enhance our library of Real Live Casino games with 2 top quality new games. We worked very hard to try and present the end user with an online experience as close to a Real Live Casino experience as possible. The camera angles are placed in a way to make this as close to reality as possible.”

Fashion Roulette and Fashion Punto:

Constructed using the same technology we use for Roulette 360; both these Real Live Casino Game are being streamed live from a dedicated and branded VIP area within Portomaso Casino. The area is branded for Fashion TV, and offers luxury and style, that only Portomaso Casino can offer.
Through multiple camera angles, switching automatically according to game play, we make the online player experience as close to reality as possible, and make sure the online players enjoy the experience within Bet Fashion VIP Lounge.
During weekends, entertainment can clearly be seen in the background of the table, which makes this game, even more special.


Do you have fast paced players, then the Live Auto-Roulette with Hi Lo feature is what you are looking for! The Automatic Roulette is available in Portomaso Casino in St Julians Malta.


The game is played by choosing the denomination of the chips to use and betting on HIGH or LOW based on the last number drawn at roulette.

Once the bet is made, the subsequent extraction of roulette will decide the winning number and consequently if it is lower or higher than the last number, depending on what you have chosen, you will have a win or a loss. In case of a tie, the “Even Money” rule is used.

For every win, you can choose to immediately take the money, “Collect,” or to try climbing to final victory replaying the money until the end of the game, that is the collection of all winnings accumulate in what we call a “JACKPOT”! The accumulator is represented by many steps, and some of these may contain multipliers that are set according to the type of roulette; the more you try your luck, the higher you climb and the higher the chances are to get to the boxes with multipliers. Below is an example purely for demonstration purposes:

The Payout is calculated using the numbers from 0 to 36 but these two should not be considered if they come out as a number at the start of the Hi-LO game, because they represent respectively the lowest and the highest score of the game, so they have no payout value.