Our Solutions


Hybrid Real Live Casino


The solution is designed to maximize the exposure of the property, online and open new revenue, Streams to the existing Gaming Tables, to an unlimited Online Audience. The Land Based Casino will not incur any operational charges since the same table and dealer being used for the land-based Casino patrons, will be used Online.

Land-based gambling businesses are highly profitable, but unfortunately, it also encounters certain limitations. Put yourselves in the shoes of all those players who are willing to gamble on a busy night, but the tables are all fully occupied.


Don’t fret, we respect your privacy requirements, so the cameras are installed in a manner where they don’t showcase the players’ identity.


Basically, to keep it short, us, as Portomaso Gaming have been broadcasting Live Tables for the last 10 years from prestigious Land based Casinos, such as, Portomaso Casino and Oracle Casino in Malta, Royal Casino in Riga and Aviator Casino in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Our on-Site Installation, that will make Streaming the Table Online possible, is designed to be as minimal as possible, on the Casino Floor, with most equipment having the possibility to be hosted in the Casino’s IT Room.


Live Casino Platform


With such an advanced live gaming platform, what goes on behind the visual presentation is extremely complex and cutting edge. The promise to deliver a live casino experience online is an incredible challenge, both in terms of providing the service as well as in terms of the logistics to support such a service.



A slick and highly intuitive front-end system has therefore been meticulously developed and the full casino services are now available online. Apart from being easy to use, these online services accurately replicate the Casino at Portomaso.


A series of table sensors and HD cameras deliver swift and clear visual images, while online gamer moves are instantaneously communicated to the dealer.
This results in a seamless game flow and occurs without disturbing the patrons who are physically present in the casino. The privacy of all punters is respected at all times.


Account management is handled safely and efficiently. Data is swiftly transmitted over a secure connection and protected by a host of inbuilt security features.

The front end also incorporates a host of support facilities and other customer services which are handled in exactly the same way as for the live casino. In fact, the online gamer interacts with the same people who physically manage the casino.



This system has been developed so that the operator is able to properly manage the entire gaming platform.

– Multiple Languages

It supports multiple languages so as to allow employees to fully understand the back office interface.

– Integrated Messaging System

It enables customers to interact with customer support in real time. It is possible to search for received/sent messages and it includes the “Read Message” confirmation.

– Risk Management Area

This is a key-factor for the success of a sports betting company. The Back-Office System includes several functions which enable the operator to manage risk in real time. Risk is calculated both on single and multiple bets.

– Direct & Lobby Integrations

We offer the opportunity to our clients to integrate our games either directly or by lobby.


– Unique Features

We offer unique features which a client has the opportunity to add to each table:

– Hi-Lo can be added as a Side Game to any of our Roulettes

– The Golden Spin is a very good way to reward players with a special bonus. During Golden Spin all winning players are tracked in the backend section, so they can be identified and rewarded accordingly. Customization to a Golden Spin includes, start time of the event, the number of spins that will be Golden, a linked promotion page to explain the rules of the promotion as well as the shared winning amount.

– Marketing Content

We give access to our client, to our client area from where they can get all the marketing:

– Special photoshoots for each of our game

– Casino photoshoots

– Game Thumbs in different dimensions

– Game Backgrounds

– Promotion Videos

– Game Sheet


Brand it and make it your own!


We build Branded Real Live Casino as per client requests. We take care of everything:

– Design as per your brand requirements

– Dealers branded as per your brand requirements

– Table Layouts Branded



The setup would also include:

– Engineering

– Audio Visual

– Casino Surveillance

– 24/7 NOC

– Live Stream Delivery

– Licenses Consultations


Branded Case Study:

Portomaso Roulette & Portomaso Punto Banco , Live from Real Casino Floor of the most prestigious and exclusive location in Malta , Portomaso Casino.


Dedicated Custom Studios


We can build up your next idea.


We build custom built Live Studios, on Real Casino Floors, as per client requests. We can take care of everything:

– Design

–  Engineering

–  Audio Visual

–  Casino Surveillance

–  24/7 NOC

–  Live Stream Delivery

–  Dealers

–  Licenses Consultations

White Labels


A white label solution or product is created by a company with the purpose of selling or leasing it to another entity that can brand it under its own name or label.


By employing a white label, a company can leave aside for a while the technical requirements and focus attention on the marketing aspects of the business. At the same time, the gaming website’s speedy launching process reduces expenses and offers the necessary peace of mind upon entering the market.


For an entrepreneur or operator that wants to access the industry, creating and promoting a gaming website may appear as a personal business, without any option than to start riding through the bumpy road ahead. Building a gaming website involves additional obstacles and providing exact specifications that need to be followed in order to respect the multiple gaming regulations imposed throughout the industry.


To comply with the increasing number of requirements in the market, remove slow development incidents and secure the necessary gaming licences and payment methods, a white label solution can be the answer.